As time marches on… studios, composers and artists alike are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to preserve their libraries and physical assets. Whether your reasons for archiving are for protection, theft, fire, degradation from decades of storage, security, reduction of physical space, or the ability to easily distribute your content, we can offer you a solution that will fit your timeframe and budget while ensuring your music is safe and remains in its original condition.

 We work within given timeframes We are on budget  We always preserve your collection 

The archiving of music requires the care and precision of a trained musician that understands and appreciates the value and in most cases irreplaceable nature of your work. Music that is decades old (and is perhaps not in the best of physical condition) must be treated with care. Here at JoAnn Kane Music Service we take pride in the attention to detail we take in making sure that your library is archived at the highest quality by trained professionals.

  We use only the latest technologies that offer the highest quality sensors to capture your music. We use large format scanners to capture scores that are oversized. We utilize overhead scanners for materials too fragile to take apart or works that you wish to keep bound. We pay special attention to image quality, resolution, contrast, white balance, and a host of other parameters to ensure that your materials will withstand the test of time for decades to come.

Once your documents are digitized, we are attentive to quality and will do further image correction where needed. We then catalog your collection to ensure that finding your materials in the future is quick and easy. Throughout the entire process of archiving your material we perform both redundant and offsite backups of all digital assets. Your final archive will be delivered to you via a secure download and/or physical media of your choosing.