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Aliens Suite No. 1 - Main Title and Ripley’s Rescue View
Aliens Suite No. 2 - Newt and Face Huggers View
All Time High View
Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend - Baby's Alive / End Credits View
Back to the Future I: Main Title View
Back to the Future Suite (Berklee Version) View
Back to the Future Suite (Madrid Version) View
Calling, The View
Chariots of Fire (arr. Mancini) View
Cinema Paradiso - First Youth View
Cinema Paradiso - Love Theme View
Cinema Paradiso - Theme View
Cocoon Theme View
Cowboys - End Credits View
Crazy World (instrumental) View
Crazy World (vocal) View
Final Conflict, The View
For Your Eyes Only View
Glass Menagerie, Music from The View
Hoosiers Suite View
King Solomon’s Mines Suite View
Legend - The Door / The Jewels View
Legend - The Dress Waltz View
Lifeforce Theme, The View
Lionheart: The Children's Crusade - Robert’s Theme View
Mission, The - The Mission and Gabriel's Oboe (Mancini arr) View
Poltergeist - Carol Anne's Theme View
Poltergeist - Night of the Beast (Clown Attack) View
Poltergeist - The Calling View
Poltergeist - The Light View
Predator - End Title View
Rambo: First Blood Part 2 - Home Flight View
Rambo: First Blood Pt. 2 - Theme View
Salamander, The - Goodbyes and End Credits View
Salamander, The - Main Titles View
Salamander, The - Requiem for a General View
Strong Men, The - Total Recall and Rambo Themes View
Supergirl Suite (End Titles) View
The Chosen - End Titles View
Twilight Zone: The Movie - End Title View
Under Fire Suite View
War of the Roses - Main Title View

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