Christy Coobatis

Christy Coobatis is an American composer and multi-instrumentalist.  He has created scores for concert. film, television and multimedia. While pursuing his first Bachelor's Degree in the Arts at Wayne State University and composing music for commercials and pop groups he studied and performed with such Detroit luminaries as Motown bassist Will Austin, The Spikedrivers and “P-Jazz Group,” Nachtmusik.

He was artist-in-residence for various modern dance companies while completing two additional Bachelor's Degrees in Classical Guitar and Composition at the University of California at Irvine.

He completed a Master's Degree in Music Composition at California State University at Fullerton during composing music for TV Shows such as Matlock, Lady Blue, The Four Seasons, GLOW and several NBC Movies of the Week in addition to a variety of full-length and short feature films. During that time he became a staff composer for various production companies creating music for commercials and infomercials receiving over a million plays within a five year period and creating two recognized works through the American Society of Composers and Publishers as well as the music for the Emmy Winning TV show Full Focus.  In addition to a daily composing regimen, Christy is a Tenured Music Professor in San Diego, California.


For the Love of You
Real Eyes
Sequence of Emotions
The Calendar (01): January
The Calendar (02): February
The Calendar (03): March
The Calendar (04): April
The Calendar (05): May
The Calendar (06): June
The Calendar (07): July
The Calendar (08): August
The Calendar (09): September
The Calendar (10): October
The Calendar (11): November
The Calendar (12): December
The Lovely Winter
The Water Wide

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