Ghost And Mrs. Muir, The - Suite

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Duration: 00:05:50
Film: Ghost And Mrs. Muir, The
Composer: Bernard Herrmann
Library: Fox
Librarian Orchestra Description
3[1.2.3/pic/afl] 2[1.2/eh] 4[1.2.bcl.bcl(opt)] 2 - 4 2 3 1 - T+P - 2hp (one opt) - str

This suite of music from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is in four movements:
1. Prelude (1:43)
2. Local Train (0:28)
3. The Sea (1:36)
4. Forever (2:03)

4th clarinet part is optional; cued in other instruments.
2nd harp is also optional.

Fee: TBD

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