Prince of Egypt - Parting the Sea

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Duration: 00:02:25
Film: Prince of Egypt
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Library: DreamWorks
Librarian Orchestra Description
3[1.2/pic.shaku] 2[1.2/eh] 2 3[] - 6 2 4 1 - T+P - str - SATB

This is the underscore for the critical scene in which the Egyptian army pursues the Israelites and Moses parts the Red Sea. Please see the reference video from 0:28 to approx. 2:37 for audio.

3 Flutes (2 dbls Picc, 3=Shakuhachi)
2 Oboes (2 dbls Eng Hn)
2 Clarinets
3 Bassoons (3 = Contra)
6 Horns
2 Trumpets
4 Trombones
1 Tuba
SATB choir

Percussion List:

Tubular Bells
Sus Cymbal
Tam Tam, Large and Small
Snare Drum
Gran Cassa

Fee: TBD

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